Management and Operation

Managing a facility means ensuring the actual purification effectiveness of the system, as often poor facility operation leads to malfunction.

Routine and Extraordinary Maintenance

Our facility relies on highly specialized technical personnel, supported by experienced technicians, and has the scientific support of the analysis laboratory that monitors purification objectives and provides the necessary preliminary data for facility operation.

We offer services tailored to individual needs, applicable to various types of wastewater treatment plants, ensuring both routine and extraordinary maintenance.

Web App for Facility Inspection

The web app has been developed to provide effective support to Sica S.r.l. technicians engaged in the routine maintenance of wastewater treatment facilities.



The operator will have a valuable support tool in maintenance documentation with the ability to upload photos directly into the final document.

Precompiled Maintenance Forms

The completion of maintenance forms is simplified through fully customizable precompiled forms to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Our web app automates the process by automatically recording the start and end times of maintenance and capturing the operator’s identification data.

Finally, the entire documentation is converted into a PDF file and sent via email to the company, which will process the data entered by the operator for efficient management of maintenance activities.