Web App for Facility Inspection

The web app has been developed to provide effective support to Sica S.r.l. technicians engaged in the routine maintenance of wastewater treatment facilities.

Advantages of the web app

Geolocation Control: Geolocation ensures that the operator is physically present at the facility before starting maintenance, enhancing safety and compliance with procedures.

Precompiled Procedures: Precompiled forms simplify the completion of maintenance modules, saving time and reducing the possibility of errors.

Data Automation: The start and end times of maintenance, along with the operator’s identification data, are automatically recorded, eliminating the need for manual logs.

Photographic Documentation: The operator can easily capture and attach photos as evidence of the facility’s conditions, improving traceability and communication.

Operational Efficiency and Risk Reduction

The web app simplifies the data collection process, allowing the operator to focus more on the actual maintenance of the facilities.

Digitalization reduces the likelihood of human errors in data recording, enhancing the accuracy of the collected information.

Precompiled Forms

The maintenance form is simplified through the precompiled form, with the operator only needing to focus on data entry.

Conversion to PDF and Data Submission

Once maintenance is completed and the relevant forms are filled out through our web app, the system automatically converts all this data into a well-structured PDF file. This PDF includes not only maintenance-related information but also any attached photos, providing comprehensive and detailed documentation of the intervention.

Once the PDF is generated, it is automatically sent to the company, where it will be processed and analyzed. This quick and efficient sending process ensures that the company receives relevant data promptly, enabling an immediate response to any issues or facility improvement needs.