Creation, implementation, and monitoring of systems for water treatment and purification.



Our over thirty years of experience in the field of water treatment, backed by excellent specialized technicians, create the optimal conditions for the appropriate design of systems that effectively protect the environment.



For over 30 years, we have been providing customized and innovative solutions for the creation of water treatment systems.


Management and Operation

Managing a facility means ensuring the actual purification effectiveness of the system, as often poor facility operation leads to malfunction.



Our equipment rental service offers you financial flexibility, complete assistance, access to the latest technologies, and immediate availability. Avoid significant initial investments and enjoy the peace of mind of inclusive maintenance.


Research and Development (R&D) constitute a fundamental pillar of our commitment to innovation and excellence. Here, we concentrate our resources and talent to conduct high-quality studies and research in the field of wastewater treatment.

Web App for Facility Inspection

The web app has been developed to provide efficient support to Sica S.r.l. technicians engaged in the periodic maintenance of wastewater treatment facilities.