SICA SRL at Ecomondo 2023

SICA SRL, with pride and commitment, participated once again in the renowned ECOMONDO 2023 fair held in Rimini. The company’s presence at this event represents an important confirmation of its active role in the green and circular economy sector.


Ecomondo is universally recognized as the leading annual fair in environmental sectors, acting as a catalyst for the meeting and dialogue among a wide range of stakeholders, including industries, stakeholders, policymakers, opinion leaders, local authorities, the research community, and institutions.

The event stands out as a crucial point for defining the development strategies of the European Union’s environmental policy. Not only is it an opportunity to explore the latest technological innovations and industrial solutions in the context of the green and circular economy, but it is also a conducive environment for sharing knowledge and establishing strategic partnerships.

Furthermore, Ecomondo serves as a platform for delving into the policies of the European Green Deal, promoting the creation of public-private partnerships operating at national, European, and international levels to achieve common environmental objectives.

As an international reference point in Europe and the Mediterranean basin, Ecomondo represents an unmissable opportunity for companies, research institutions, and organizations worldwide to showcase their solutions, share best practices, and contribute to building a sustainable future.

SICA SRL invita tutti coloro che condividono la sua visione e il suo impegno per un’economia circolare e sostenibile a non perdere l’appuntamento con Ecomondo 2024. Saremo lieti di incontrarvi e di continuare insieme il percorso verso un futuro più verde e più equo per tutti.